Partnership Programs

Partnership Initiative

  • Do you offer auto goods and services and you want to attract more customers?
  • Do you own a car fleet and you need to service it?
  • Do you want to lower your cost on auto parts, fuel, insurance?

Auto Club Asist is your perfect solution!

Partnership. GazAuto Import s.r.l.

The company GasAuto Import S.R.L. offers to all its loyal clients a bonus service: "GazAuto Auto Asist". One single card with many privileges: technical and informational assistance on the road at any hour of the day or night, car towing 24/7, car repair services, discounts on a large variety of car products and services.

Partnership. Artas s.r.l.

The insurance company ARTAS SRL offers the "ARTAS Auto Asist Card" (Powered by Auto Club Asist ®) to all new customers as welcome bonus and to all its old customers as loyality bonus. Like this the clients are happy to keep the same car insurance for next year.

Partnership. AVR Rent A Car s.r.l.

The Rent-A-Car company AVR Rent a Car is ensuring the mobility of its customers using our roadside assistance support. The clients of the company are feeling safer on the road. Additionally the clients are happy to save money on fuel using the discount program from Club Auto Asist ®.

Partnership. MAIB Leasing s.a.

The company MAIB-Leasing S.A. offers to its customers an additional service: "MAIB Auto Asist Card". The customers are benefiting from 24/7 roadside assistance services provided by Club Auto Asist ®. The discount program is available too.

Partnership. Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines thanks its customers for loyalty and as a token of gratitude, it offers for free to its 300 the most active customers the Auto Assist membership card. From now on, Austrian Airlines customers feel safe not only in the air, but also on the road. Welcome on board!

Partnership. Carauş E.D.

The company Caraus E.D. offers to their customers top quality car parts plus top road side asistance 24/7 service: "Автостекла Auto Asist". (Powered by Club Auto Asist ®). The autoclub discount program is available too.

Partnership. Ancoraj Sistem s.r.l.

The company Ancoraj Sistem S.R.L. offers to all its clients an additional bonus: "Ancoraj Auto Asist Card". As in the case of MAIB Leasing, all its customers are benefiting 24/7 from the entire range of Club Auto Asist ® services.