Troubles on the road? Auto Club Asist is offering roadside assistance services for all car drivers, no matter if those are club members or not. The services are offered free of charge to the club members. To become a club member, just call our help desk at (022/079) 930808. The operators will answer you any question related to the club membership.

The membership card entitles you to request our assistance every time you require it. The number of provided roadside assistance services are UNLIMITED during the membership contract!

If you haven't got our membership yet but you face a problem on the road and you require breakdown assistance, feel free to request our support. You will have the option to pay only for the provided services or to get and immediate club membership without to be charged additionally for the already provided services by paying only the membership price. You also have the option to pay the difference of the price for the membership package and the provided services later, within the 3 days at our office.