What is Auto Club Asist?

Auto Club Asist supports the car drivers when they are meeting difficulties on the road, providing professional services meant to resolve all kind of problem in the shortest time. We are offering roadside assistance for all drivers.

Auto Club Asist has started its activity in 2005 with towing services and car spare parts distribution. At that moment we were known as TehnoGum. In 2005 the company has purchased its first tow truck. Reacting promptly on the market requirement, after one year the company has purchased the second tow truck. Starting with 2006 the company has extended its activity with roadside assistance services. At the same time the branch of car spare parts distribution was closed. The main company occupations become roadside assistance and car towing/transportation. In order to make the company image complete the decision of company re-branding was taken. Auto Asistenţă SRL was registered in 2008. From that moment the company is operating as Automobil Club under commercial trademark "Auto Club Asist".

At the moment Auto Club Asist is largest automobil club in Moldova, offering full set of roadside assistance services with full national and international coverage using its own specialized car and truck fleet. Due to our high level of service quality, professionalism and the rapidity, Auto Club Asist today is the leader on the Moldavian market. Our partners are well known companies from Moldova and outside of the country.