Auto Assistance Programs

Auto Assistance it’s a large set of services which allow various type of companies like care dealers, car insurances, car leasing and any other type which is related to car distribution, car products and services to launch their own auto assistance programs in shortest type at the lowest price and at the highest quality.

What kind of services are provided?

  • Development of individual auto assistance program taking in account the client needs.
  • Designer and paleographic services: elaboration of design for logo, member cards, boxes, etc.
  • "IT"-services: website development and maintenance: http://[your_name]

What are the advantages of our clients?

  • The lowest cost and the shortest time for starting an auto assistance program.
  • Availability of an experienced infrastructure which is ready to be used.
  • Free of charge calls on dedicated line (0-8000-8000) from all available Telekom Operators.
  • A high level of quality standards proved by thousands of existing customers.
  • Qualified and experienced staff available and ready to support 24/7.