What is Auto Assistance?

Auto Assistance is supporting the car drivers on the road when they are meeting difficulties due to some technical issues or car accidents. Our scope is to help the car drivers by offering a large set of services from basic information support to complex technical solutions to solve all kind of possible issues.

Ok, however what is Auto Assistance?


Have you got troubles with your car on the road?

Access 24/7 to our help desk with free of charge phone line 0-8000-8000.

Your car is damaged and you can't continue your journey?

In case of damages which can't be fixed on the road, your car will be towed to the nearest repair car station.

You are traveling and you are looking for some urgent information ?

Information support about repair station, petrol station, insurances, medical facilities, geographical navigation, etc.

Looking for lawyer support?

Before to take an important decision, e.g. in case of an car accident, ask the opinion of our lawyer.

You've got a car accident?

We are offering full accident management: emergency first aid, collect details of the accident, negotiate with second party involved into the accident, etc.

Your car is damaged but you would like to continue your journey?

In case your car has suffered important damages we can offer you a rented car, so you can continue your journey.

Have you got a flat tire?

Repararea defecţiunilor de roţi. Schimb de cauciucuri, jenţi.

Have you got a flat battery?

Pornirea motorului cu ajutorul unei baterii din afară.

Have you lost your keys or you are locked out?

Unlocking the car doors without mechanical damages.

Have you got the car doors frozen?

Unlocking the car doors during the winter season.

Have you ran out of fuel?

Fuel delivery (up to 5 liters paid by the client).

Have you got flat fuses?

Verification ad replacements of fuses.

Have you got troubles with the brakes?

Fixing minor defects of the brake system at the place.

Have you got a flat sparks?

Verification and replacements of sparks at the place.